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Here at Del Bianco Prosthetics & Orthotics, we take the upmost pride in our patient outcomes and the industry leading care that we provide to our community. See what our patients have to say about their experience.



Wearing a knee-ankle-foot orthosis (KAFO), Lara explains how her orthosis from Del Bianco Prosthetics and Orthotics helps her to resume normal activities in life.


I’ve been active my whole life, but I developed drop foot and had trouble doing everything I used to do. With help from Del Bianco Prosthetics and Orthotics, I was fit with a brace that allows me to get out and be active like I want to. The brace has been very good for me.  It…


I am a busy father and business man. I also have a neurologic condition that affects the strength of my calf muscles and changes the way I walk. James met with me and discussed my goals. He made custom AFO leg braces that help me move easily at work and help me enjoy time with my family. I can tell…


I have a story for you! The day after my amputation, during routine tests, the doctors discovered lung cancer. I figured I had 2 choices, get depressed about it or decide to beat it. I met each of the clinicians with Del Bianco Prosthetics while I was recovering in the hospital and going to Rehab.…


My son Lars is a fun, active boy who loves NASCAR. You can ask him any question about a driver or car and he will have the answer. Lars' orthopedist felt he needed some specialty orthotics and shoe adjustments to support his feet and ankles. After evaluating Lars, the Del Bianco P & O team…
Cori jumping


A traumatic car accident fractured my leg and resulted in foot drop. I worked hard at therapy and was able to regain my strength and make a full recovery. I was left with some mild foot drop that became more pronounced during long days walking at college or other activities. I was fitted with a…


At first I had a really hard time facing life with an amputation. My doctor really helped me get ready for the change as the operation approached and introduced me to Del Bianco P&O. I worked with several of the clinicians with Del Bianco and talked to them about what I wanted to do with…


In my lifetime I have been all over the world. With my prosthesis I've gone everywhere from the Grand Canyon to Del Bianco P&O’s mile fun run right here in Cary. Jim with Del Bianco P&O fit me with a Motion Control Motion Foot that lets my prosthetic ankle move with as much range of motion as my…


I am a busy husband and father and work as a professional commercial truck driver. My lower leg started having some pain and discomfort that would not go away. I began seeing doctors as they tried to find out what was going on. Eventually I met with a vascular surgeon who discovered blood flow was…


I enjoy riding a road bike recreationally and for transportation throughout North Carolina. I am a LAB-certified instructor for safe cycling. Biking long distances on the weekends is something I really enjoy with my family and friends. Looking to maximize the efficiency of my biking, I contacted Del Bianco Prosthetics and met with them to…


Watch how Anthony steps back into life with help from Del Bianco Prosthetics after becoming a bilateral amputee. His success brings us joy and is what we are committed to provide for our patients every day.